why choose our soap


if you’re looking for natural, sustainable, handcrafted vegan soap; then you’ve reached your destination.

We’re a group of passionate soap loving experts and we love what we do. our goal is always the quality and never the quantity

we believe that building a relationship with our customers is the most important element in our success, transparency and absolute honesty is the key. That's why we always do our best to explain every ingredient we use in our products


soap making is our passion so why not providing a consistently outstanding customer service every day with natural soap lovers, our partners in crime:)~just a joke.

delivering a pleasant experience while you are maintaining you healthy skin and body is essential,

"it's not just a bar of soap"

cold process-soap "no heat". rich in natural glycerin, 100%vegan, 100% palm oil free,100% paraben free, small batch to insure quality, skin-safe & unique fragrance formula not more than 3% of each bar, also our packaging is reusable and recyclable.


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