Black Dilka, the Sudanese Bridal Body Scrub


Handmade body exfoliant using natural ingredients and perfumed oils, in a formula passed down generations of Sudanese women. This scrub exfoliates to reveal glowing supple skin. The luxury treatment leaves you feeling pampered.

created via a clay pot, which is dug underground. Inside the pot, is burning coal, topped with the perfumed sandalwood. using Dilka in regular bases helps to remove dead skin, promotes blood circulation, and nourishes and re-hydrates the skin. also, it helps cleanse, purify and beautify the skin.

this magical treatment is a combination of 3 stage products, No1. is the Dilka Balls. every ball is made of whole-wheat flour, tea made of cloves and mahleb cherry seed, ground sandalwood powder and orange peel, wrapped in a cloth and smoked with the burned sandalwood steam. No2. the breaking solution is made of natural herbs, No3 the peeling solution, contains natural botanical hydrosols to add a glowing touch at the final exfoliating step.


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