Rose Clay Facial Bar

Rose Clay Facial Bar


Smooth Glowing And Alive,

is what you going to get when using this facial bar on a daily bases. it's made of the best ingredients to work magically on all kind of skin types, rose water to close the oily pores and tighten the skin, rose clay to maintain the oil balance on the skin and give it the glowing effections like acne, fine lines and wrinkles.


    • Rose Clay: comes from a naturally occurring iron oxide which gives it its varying light to medium pink colour. It is a type of kaolin (kaolinite) clay with soothing properties. Its gentle cleansing makes it suitable for dry skin.
    • Rosehip Oil: Rich in vitamin A, which is known to help fight against age spots and wrinkles, great for anti-aging. packed with molecules that are small enough to penetrate deep layers of the skin, improving moisture and collagen levels, while reducing wrinkles and fine lines
    • Saponified Raw Shea Butter: High concentrations of fatty acids and vitamins, ideal cosmetic ingredient for softening skin, rich in anti-inflammatory and healing properties. helps condition, tone, and soothe the skin.
    • Saponified Sweet Almond Oil: known as the "King of Nuts", contains all sorts of natural vitamins that includes vitamin E, vitamin A and essential fatty acids, proteins, potassium, and zinc. packed with the vitamins and nutrients, making it perfect to include in your daily skincare routine. 
    • Saponified Canola Oil: rich in vitamins K and E, which helps to reduce skin afflict.

    • Gently rub the cleanser on the skin
    •  rinse it off with cool water and moisturize as usual. best use twice a day morning and evening

    *To extend the life of your Soap bar, leave to dry on a draining soap dish.


    • nt wet: 65 g
    • Dimension: 6cm
    • 100% vegan, cruelty-free, and palm oil free.
    • Handmade in small batches to ensure quality.
    • Contains no preservatives, parabens, sodium lauryl sulfate or other harsh chemicals.


     *Our products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. If you have a medical condition, please seek medical advice from your doctor.

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