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5 amazing turmeric benefits for your skin & a free turmeric facial mask recipe

this bright yellow ish spice (ginger-like) ancient herb is used to be considered as a main part of health medical remedies, and a basic cosmetic ingredient in most beauty recipes, because of the curcumin it contains with anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties.

it's a hundreds of years old spice that had been a really good friend for health and beauty seekers, no wonder nowadays it's used in most of dermatological treatment if you look at the amazing benefits of the turmeric powder for the skin.

Here are 5 amazing turmeric benefits for your skin

1.turmeric can give your skin a healthy natural glow

it contains antioxidants components which helps to heal the irritated skin and help to instantly give your skin healthy bright look texture.

2. turmeric helps to revive your skin

by boosting the production of the lost elements such as elastin and collagen if used on a regular bases as face mask or turmeric facial spray.

3.turmeric has proven to heal wounds and burns quicker

because of the anti-inflammatory properties work as anti bacterial, you can get this remedy by applying a small amount of turmeric powder with 1 tea spoon of raw honey

4.turmeric helps you to get a bright clear skin

by healing the skin quicker and injecting the antioxidants into your skin the acne will heal faster and the chance of scarring will be lower thereby it helps you to get a clear skin.

5.turmeric helps to improve the texture of the skin

by targeting the pores and tightening them the texture of the skin will improve, it also helps to balance the oil production in a way that your skin will look firm without feeling dry. don't we love this magical spice?

now here is a free handmade turmeric facial mask recipe you can make at home

this facial mask will give you a clear bright glowing skin if used on regular basis


2 tea spoon yogurt

1/8 tea spoon turmeric powder

1 tea spoon olive oil


mix all the ingredients in a small bowl, apply with mask brush leave for 15-20 minutes then rinse it off with cool water.

please note: turmeric can normally leave a stain on the skin or fabrics. our advice is when applying to the skin small amounts will always do the job also if you’re allergic to turmeric avoid using it or making direct contact.

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